1. For the purpose of giving relief and assistance to all disabled persons whose disabilities were caused by the fact that during pregnancy their mothers had taken a compound known as or used as an Anti-Convulsant medication to treat their condition, by means of the manufacturer of that compound.
  2. To support the beneficiaries born to mothers who had taken such compounds during pregnancy, who were born on or after December 1978 and who suffers from any congenital disability, (whether physical or mental).
  3. To pay and apply such sums of money to or for the care, welfare, treatment or education to help and support and for the relief of the Beneficiaries.
  4. The Beneficiaries shall be persons born within the United Kingdom.
  5. To become actively involved in campaigning for Government redress.
  6. The trustees of this constitution shall be no less than 3 or more than 12.
  7. Trustees shall meet together at least twice per calendar year and more frequently if they see necessary, by means of in person, telephone conference or webcam.
  8. Trustees may hold office for 5 years maximum then must stand down, re-applying for their positions if they wish.
  9. The Trust will be a non-profit organisation and any monies raised or donated will be used solely for the trusts benefits and work.