Welcome to the Fetal Anti-Convulsant Trust

The Fetal Anti-Convulsant Trust (FACT) first opened its doors in April 2011 and was set up to help achieve financial and clinical support for victims affected by anti-convulsant medications while in the womb, and aim  to provide relief and assistance for those born in the UK damaged as a result


Currently our sister charity the Organisation for Anti-Convulsant Syndrome (OACS) has numerous members wih a wide range of conditions, from the ages of 1year to 33 years who have been affected cognitively and/or physically. Yet we are aware of countless others who may not be aware of the cause of their difficulties and the many who are to be affected in the future.  These are an amazing group of people, some of whom have fought the disabilities FACS has caused and gone on to make remarkable achievements throughout their life.


FACT is not a scientific or medical foundation and do not conduct any scientific research but are totally committed to dealing with the effects of anti-convulsant medications prescribed in the UK during pregnancy without any descriptive prior warnings given by the Pharmaceutical companies or Health Care Professionals.